Alpha – C9LM050 – Jobber Drill Carded 5.0mm Gold Series

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Alpha – C9LM050 – Jobber Drill Carded 5.0mm Gold Series

Product Description:

Get more than just a drill with Alpha Carded Gold Series Drills. These premium M2 HSS jobber drills outperform the competition by 30%, giving you more holes for your dollar.

Key Features:

  • M2 HSS Fully ground material for extended drill life.
  • Titanium Nitride coating reduces heat and increases lubricity.
  • 135º Split Point for faster cutting and reduced wandering.
  • Packaged in a reusable plastic hang pack for safe, clean, and dry storage.
  • Available in both individual carded packs and bulk quantities.

Drilling Practice Tips:

  • Ensure a secure workpiece clamp.
  • Choose the right speed and feed.
  • Use suitable coolant or lubricant.
  • Securely hold the shank, avoiding worn drill chucks.
  • Regrind or replace drills before they dull; don’t force a worn drill.
  • Withdraw frequently when deep hole drilling to clear chips.
  • For tough materials like stainless steel, adjust speed and feed accordingly to prevent work-hardening.