Bosch - LR 2 - Professional Laser Receiver (Red Beam) - Bosch | $248.47 | Available from Powertools Tauranga
Bosch – LR 2 – Professional Laser Receiver (Red Beam)

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Bosch – LR 2 – Professional Laser Receiver (Red Beam)

Original price was: $248.47.Current price is: $199.00. incl GST

1 in stock

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Bosch – LR 2 – Professional Laser Receiver

Experience increased versatility and precision with our latest laser accessory! Designed to complement your existing laser tools, this handy receiver delivers exceptional performance for ranges of up to 50 meters, making it the perfect choice for any job site or workshop.

With its simple and intuitive design, the receiver can be easily attached to a staff, providing you with reliable and accurate readings every time. And thanks to its advanced alignment system, which combines visual displays and LEDs with audible signals, you can work with confidence, no matter what the lighting conditions are.

Whether you’re working on a construction site or in a busy workshop, this receiver is the perfect tool for the job. Its rugged design ensures durability and longevity, while its advanced features make it easy to use and incredibly effective.

So why settle for anything less? Get the ultimate laser accessory for your tools and experience increased versatility and precision on every job. With this powerful device in your toolkit, you’ll be able to work with confidence, speed, and accuracy, achieving flawless results every time.


Trades Construction
Metal construction
Plumbing, heating and air conditioning technology
Joiners and carpenters
Remote control  
Product note  

Technical data

Range of 5 – 50 m
Power supply 1 x 9 V 6LR61 Block
Dust and splash protection IP 54
Weight, approx. 270 g
Tool dimensions (width) 41 mm
Tool dimensions (length) 74 mm
Tool dimensions (height) 150 mm
Measuring accuracy (fine/rough) ± 1 mm/± 3 mm
Suitable for GLL 2-50, GLL 3-50
Type of receiver Combi- and line lasers