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Euroboor – AIR.52/3 – Pneumatic Magnetic Drilling Machine

$8,718.27 incl GST

This item is available on request. Please email inquiries to Please note the price may change.

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Euroboor – AIR.52/3 – Pneumatic Magnetic Drilling Machine

Pneumatic Magnetic Drill Ø 7/16″ – 2 1/16″ / 13kg

The portable Euroboor AIR.52/3 pneumatic mag drill is specifically designed for drilling tasks where the use of electric power tools is out of the question. The AIR.52/3 pneumatic mag drill with air powered and spark-free (explosion-safe) motor is extremely suitable for workplaces with danger of explosion, such as offshore, mining, oil and gas industries.

This machine features:

Air-powered motor system

Automatic cooling system

12 – 52mm Annular cutters

SAFE permanent magnet system

Spark-free therefore explosion-proof

Anti-static construction

Weighs only 13 Kg

Safety interlock

Reduced noise



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