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Euroboor – ECO-TUBE.30 – Magnetic Base Tube Drill > 30mm

$2,967.19 incl GST

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Euroboor – ECO-TUBE.30 – Magnetic Base Tube Drill > 30mm

The ECO-TUBE.30 is a magnetic drilling machine with patented shallow-field magnetic technology, offering a strong grip on steel as thin as 3mm and a pivoting base for pipes 75mm or larger.

  • No electricity required for the magnetic base
  • Cuts holes between 12 and 30mm with a 900W motor
  • Patented base pivots to conform to pipes of various sizes
  • Two separate magnets allow machine to swing away for hole inspection and debris removal
  • No special attachments needed for flat or curved surfaces
  • Highly stable wide stance
  • Direct spindle drive
  • Easy to handle

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