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Hikoki – 4100072 – Guide Rail 1600mm for C3606DPA Plunge Saw

$206.99 incl GST

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Hikoki – 4100072 – Guide Rail 1600mm for C3606DPA Plunge Saw

Introducing the FS160INBAG guide rail, designed to provide straight and secure guidance for precise sawing. Here are the key features:

  • Splinter protection reduces breakout, ensuring clean and accurate cuts
  • Adhesive coating on the rail surface for safe and non-slip contact with the workpiece, while also protecting its surface
  • Holes on the rail for easy fixation to the workpiece and convenient hanging storage
  • Can be extended in length by using a second guide rail and the FSV connector (accessory)
  • Part Number FS160INBAG is supplied by the sister brand, Metabo Power Tools, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

HiKOKI 1600mm Guide Rail Part Number 4100072 suits C3606DPA and KT18LTX66BL

Metabo 1600mm Guide Rail Part Number FS160INBAG suits C3606DPA and KT18LTX66BL (Comes with bag)

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