Makita - B-67371 - EFFICUT Cutting blade 305mmx30mmx100T (Wood) - Makita | $202.59 | Available from Powertools Tauranga
Makita – B-67371 – EFFICUT Cutting blade 305mmx30mmx100T (Wood)

$202.59 incl GST

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Makita – B-67371 – EFFICUT Cutting blade 305mmx30mmx100T (Wood)

$202.59 incl GST

2 in stock

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Makita – B-67371 – EFFICUT Cutting blade 305mmx30mmx100T (Wood)

  • 113% more cuts per charge
  • 285% Faster cut speed

Take your cordless saw to the next level with EFFICUT series TCT saw blades, designed exclusively for cordless saws. These blades are engineered with ultra-thin, perfectly tensioned steel plates for a true run, saving precious battery power and extending battery life.

Unmatched Performance with Precision Honed Carbide: EFFICUT series TCT saw blades feature high-grade carbide that is precision honed for easy, smooth cuts. The advanced carbide technology ensures clean and precise cuts every time, making your cutting tasks a breeze. Plus, the long-life carbide ensures durability, making these blades a reliable choice for all your cutting needs.

Optimized Design for Cordless Saw Efficiency: The EFFICUT series saw blades are designed with cordless saws in mind. The ultra-thin steel plates reduce the cutting resistance, allowing your cordless saw to work more efficiently and save precious battery power. The perfectly tensioned steel plates ensure a true run, minimizing blade deflection and improving cutting accuracy.

Added Convenience with Arbor Ring: These saw blades come with a mm arbor ring, making installation quick and easy. The arbor ring adds an additional layer of convenience, allowing you to start cutting right away without any hassle.

Upgrade Your Cordless Saw with EFFICUT: Elevate the performance of your cordless saw with EFFICUT series TCT saw blades. These blades are optimized for cordless saw efficiency, providing clean cuts, long life, and battery-saving performance. With precision honed carbide and an ultra-thin design, EFFICUT saw blades are the perfect choice for professional woodworkers, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts who demand high-quality results. Upgrade your cordless saw with EFFICUT and experience the difference in cutting performance.



Part # Description (Dia x Bore x Teeth) (mm) Kerf (mm) Rake (Deg°) Ring (mm) Max Speed (RPM)
B-67359 305 x 30 x 60T 2.15mm 10° 25.4mm 5,000
B-67365 305 x 30 x 80T 2.15mm 10° 25.4mm 5,000
B-67371 305 x 30 x 100T 2.15mm 10° 25.4mm 5,000