Makita - DAS180Z - 18V LXT Brushless Dust Blower - Makita | $271.86 | Available from Powertools Tauranga
Makita – DAS180Z – 18V LXT Brushless Dust Blower

$271.86 incl GST

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Makita – DAS180Z – 18V LXT Brushless Dust Blower

$271.86 incl GST

Buy Two 18V Skins for a minimum of $245 each and get a FREE 18V 5.0Ah Battery

5 in stock

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Makita – DAS180Z – 18V LXT Brushless Dust Blower

Featuring a maximum air velocity of up to 150m/s, this product delivers intense wind speeds that will leave you in awe. Whether you need a gentle breeze or a strong gust, our device offers a versatile 4-stage electronic speed control, allowing you to adjust it to suit a variety of applications. From delicate tasks to demanding projects, this product has got you covered.

Never worry about running out of power again, as our device boasts a continuous runtime of up to 55 minutes on low speed when paired with the optional 6.0Ah battery. This ensures that you can tackle your tasks without interruptions, providing you with the freedom and efficiency you need.

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why our product features a tool-less nozzle change system. Switching between nozzles has never been easier, allowing you to adapt to different applications seamlessly. With a wide range of available nozzles, you can confidently tackle any task that comes your way.

Invest in our extraordinary product and harness the power of the wind like never before. Unlock new possibilities, enhance your productivity, and make your work effortless with our cutting-edge solution.

Key Features

  • Maximum air velocity up to 150m/s wind speeds
  • 4-stage electronic speed control for versatile applications
  • Continuous runtime up to 55 minutes on low with optional 6.0Ah battery
  • Tool-less nozzle change for effortless adaptability
  • Nozzles available for a variety of applications

Included accessories

Wide Range Nozzle (191X19-5), Confined Space Nozzle (191X11-1), Dusting Nozzle (191X13-7),  Blowing Nozzle (191X15-3), Pinch valve nozzle (191X17-9)

Optional accessories

  • Flexible tube nozzle (191X21-8)
    Air vent nozzle 7mm (191X23-4)
    Filter complete (191X29-2)
    Long nozzle for Anchor (191X78-9)
    17mm attachment (191X15-3) (191X25-0)
    50mm attachment (191X15-3) (191X27-6)


Max air volume  
– Max 1.1m³ / min
– Hi 1.0m³ / min
– Med 0.8m³ / min
– Lo 0.6m³ / min
Max velocity  
– Max 150m/s
Max blowing force 1.8N
Overall dimensions 173mm
Net weight (skin) 0.8kg
Sound Level 79dB(A)
Voltage 18V
Continuous Run-time up to 15min High with 6.0Ah battery
LXT battery compatibility 1.5Ah 3Ah 4Ah 5Ah 6Ah