Makita - DJR189Z - 18V One Handed Sabre Saw - Makita | $282.90 | Available from Powertools Tauranga
Makita – DJR189Z – 18V One Handed Sabre Saw

Original price was: $282.90.Current price is: $275.00. incl GST

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Makita – DJR189Z – 18V One Handed Sabre Saw

Original price was: $282.90.Current price is: $275.00. incl GST

Buy Two 18V Skins for a minimum of $245 each and get a FREE 18V 5.0Ah Battery

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Makita – DJR189Z – 18V One Handed Sabre Saw

Looking for a powerful, yet compact and lightweight jigsaw that can handle all your cutting needs with ease? Look no further than our One-handed Jigsaw!

Boasting a sleek and ergonomic design, the Makita DJR189Z 18V One Handed Sabre Saw is engineered for maximum comfort and control, making it the perfect choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. And with a 22mm stroke and a cutting capacity of 255mm in wood, it’s designed to handle even the toughest cutting tasks with ease.

But what really sets our One-handed Jigsaw apart is its faster cutting 3,100spm no load speed, which ensures that you can cut through materials quickly and efficiently. And with two switch levers – a trigger switch and a paddle switch – you can switch between modes effortlessly, allowing you to work with maximum precision and ease.

Plus, with XPT technology that protects against dust and moisture, you can work confidently in any environment, knowing that your jigsaw is built to last. So why wait? Order your One-handed Jigsaw today and experience the power, precision, and comfort of this game-changing tool!

Included accessories

Tool hanger (197224-8), 1 x 152mm Metal blade (B-05038), 1 x 152mm Multi Material blade (B-05044), 1 x 203mmWood blade (B-05153)

Optional accessories

Replacement Recipro Blades
5-pc Steel saw blade 145mm (792149-7)
5-pc Wood/Plastic blade 280mm (B-03030)
5-pc Steel/Universal blade 132mm (B-05038)
5-pc Wood/Steel blade 132mm (B-05044)
5-pc Wood/Plastic blade 183mm (B-05153)
5-pc Steel blade 132mm (B-05169)
5-pc Wood/Steel Blade 132mm (B-43240)
2-pc Stainless Steel Blade 132mm (B-07250)
3-pc Wood/Steel Blade 285mm (B-10637)
5-pc Steel Blade 205mm (B-16776)
5-pc Steel Blade 205mm (B-16782)
5-pc HCS Blade 130mm (B-16798)
5-pc Wood/Steel Blade 80mm (B-20426)
5-pc Gypsum Blade 80mm (B-20448)
5-pc Wood/Steel Blade 225mm (B-43262)


– Wood 255mm
– Pipe 130mm
Length of stroke 22mm
Strokes per minute  
– Hi 0 – 3,100spm
Overall dimensions 410mm
Net weight (skin) 1.9kg
Sound Level 88dB(A)
Continuous rating input 450W
Voltage 18V
LXT battery compatibility 1.5Ah 3Ah 4Ah 5Ah 6Ah