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Rupes – LHR15III-LUX – BigFoot Mark III Electric Random Orbital Polisher Kit

$1,130.92 incl GST

Kit includes:
RUPES BigFoot Mark III 15mm Electric Random Orbital Polisher LHR15III
D,A Coarse Polishing Compound 250ml 9.DACOARSE250
D,A Coarse Foam Polishing Pad 130/150mm 9 .DA150H
D,A Fine Polishing Compound 250ml 9.DAFINE250
D,A Fine Foam Polishing Pad 130/150mm 9 .DA150M
UNO Protect One,Step Polish & Sealant 250ml 9.PROTECT250
Wool Polishing Pad Coarse 130/145mm 9.BW150H
Wool Polishing Pad Fine 130/145mm 9.BW150M
Microfibre Detailing Cloths x 4 9.BF9010
Claw Pad 9.BF7001
Cable Clamp 9.Z1024
RUPES BigFoot Detailing Apron 9.Z868
RUPES BigFoot Polisher Bag 9.Z1043/BF

This item is available on request. Please email inquiries to Please note the price may change.

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